Coffee With Konnie #519

  • My recent visit with Councilor Konnie Lukes in which we talk about The 016, social media and the state of media in Worcester.

    Here's a little backstory:

    The councilor and I bumped into each other at a civic event. We talked briefly about The 016 and she asked if I'd be willing to talk about it. We set a tentative date, I said I'd try to confirm the location (Brew on the Grid) and that I'd reach out if and when we were set.

    Fast-forward to the next week. I hadn't been able to confirm the location, so I hadn't emailed. The day before news breaks that she won't run for office again, ended her historic three-decade tenure in politics.

    I head to work the next morning thinking nothing about doing the show, which I'm sure has been canceled because of her news and the fact I hadn't confirmed the location.

    About 8:30 I get an email, basically, "Where are you?" 


    p.s. Many of those who know me know I don't exactly see eye-to-eye with the Councilor on many, if not most, issues. But in an age where we're still striving for gender equity in our politics, you gotta give it up for Konnie Lukes. She was active in politics well before many of today's politically active young adults were born, and her historic contribution to the city demands respect.