Worcester development cut down in size

  • Worcester development project dramatically scaled back

    Plans for a project that would have transformed the Canal District have been dramatically scaled back, according to documents on file with the City of Worcester.

    The Cove project, named for the former music hall on Green Street it seeks to replace, was originally proposed to include 318 apartments in a 13-story building that would have been the largest built in Worcester in more than 30 years.

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    According to a revised application and drawings, the building is now proposed to include 173 apartments and be only 7 stories tall.

    The original 13-story building would have towered over all the other buildings in the Canal District (Images from original or revised plans.)

    The dramatic change comes less than a year after the ambitious project was first proposed. It was originally considered by the Worcester Planning Board in May.

    A drawing of the revised plans for The Cove.

    As originally envisioned, The Cove, "would be Worcester's tallest building since the 24-story Sky Mark Tower, since rebranded as The 6Hundred, was built in 1990," Worcester Business Journal reported on April 24.

    The revised plans, in addition to 173 apartments, retain outdoor amenity areas that will allow residents to congregate. Instead of being on the 3rd and 9th floors, the amenity areas will be on the 3rd and 7th floors.

    The revised plans for the Cove project will go in front of the Planning Board in January

    The revised project will be considered by the Planning Board on January 12th. 

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