Area nurse succumbs to COVID-19 after 24 days on ventilator

  • 'Someone has to take care of them,' she said of nursing during a pandemic

    Gayle Ann Blomstrom, who spent nearly 30 years as a registered nurse at long-term care facilities, recently died due to COVID-19 after 24 days on a ventilator, according to an obituary on the Mulhane Home for Funerals website.

    Blomstrom, 66, of Sutton, passed away on Tuesday, Dec. 15, according to the obituary, "with only her son Caleb by her side, because it was unsafe to allow more than one visitor in the closed ward."

    After earning an English degree from Clark University, she went back for her degree in nursing.

    "When her sister asked why she did not simply retire from what became a high-risk occupation during a deadly pandemic," her obituary reads, "she said: 'Someone has to take care of them.' She was right."

    "Her family is proud of her bravery, but heartbroken," the family wrote. "We believe she deserved better than this."

    The obituary ends with a plea. "Please take reasonable precautions to protect others like her, who cannot work from home until the danger passes."

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